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IVU also offers music care, strap blocks, musician's belonging, ...etc.

Strap Block


Material: Nature rubber
2 colors / 4pcs in a pack




  • Lock strap
  • Cable Hook
  • Pick holder


MCK-01 Music Care Kit

IVU Music Care Kit offers you a Guitar Polish, a Fretboard Conditioner, a Storage Bag, and a Duo-Cloth Glove.


Musician's Belonging (MB-01) 

This is a useful and handy tool for guitarists. You could put MB-01 into your gig bag or put it on the pedalboard. We collect the most essential allen wrenches for guitars, especially 1/8" and 1/20" for Fender® guitars. (Fender® belongs to Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. We just describe the specifications suitable for the guitars.) You could also put your own belongings into the box.


Guitar Fretboard Protector (FP-01)

The fretboard protector is designed to protect your guitar frets without damage from strings while shipping or moving.


Studio Headphone (SH-10)

SH-10 studio headphone is transparent, spacious, bass, and powerful sound. With robust, comfortably padded, and adjustable steel headband design.
The closed dynamic headphone design is a reliable tool for podcasting, recording, mixing, and silent practice with instruments. Low-impedance (32 Ω) can be driven with a digital drum module, guitar headphone plug, podcast interface, recording interface, and even mobile phone.

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