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Studio Instrument Cable

The IVU Creator® Studio is our ultimate cable. Instrument cable needs to be quiet when handled, tough enough to withstand use, and still preserve the character of the performance of quality instruments. Designing and building instrument cables is a delicate balance between these characteristics of tonal purity and detail, flexibility, ruggedness, and ultimately price. As a result of both ingenious construction and the purity of its raw materials, it offers unmatched sound quality. This is the perfect cable for all electrically amplified musical instruments. Also great for acoustic instruments with pickup systems.



Live Instrument Cable

The IVU Creator® Live has been painstakingly designed to faithfully transmit the mature tone of fine electric guitars and basses as well as the most delicate nuances of picking attack. Thanks to the extra large conductors with a further optimized crystalline structure, this cable offers the maximum result in dynamics, detail, and sonority. The conductor is an original OFC type that allows the sweetest, most desirable harmonics produced when playing rhythm or chord styles to come through for a beautifully balanced tone, particularly when using a natural amplifier overdrive. Those appealing characteristics are retained even when the guitar volume control is turned down for background playing. For optimum manageability on stage, this cable has been made extra flexible, but it still retains top electromagnetic noise rejection quality.



Player Instrument Cable

The IVU Creator® Player is a genuine instrument cable built for more economical budgets than our Studio and Live assemblies. Despite having an attractive price, each IVU Creator Player cable is made without compromising quality using top-quality connectors. Every cable is hand assembled, then tested for performance before it leaves the assembly bench.




Flat Patch Cable--Save space on your pedalboard.

Three color options:

  • 24K Gold plating flat plug
  • Gunmetal Black
  • Chameleon

24 AWG anti-noise flat cable.



POK-03 Solderless DC Cable Kit

The mini DC plug design takes up less space between pedals.

-Solderless plugs connect to DC cables in seconds, creating custom lengths easily.
-Low capacitance cable design transmits full harmonic detail and powerful signal with Transparency.

2.1mm DC plug X 12 pcs

DC wire X 5m



POK-02 Solderless Patch Cable Kit

  • Mini Duo-Hole plug design takes up less space between pedals and can be configured for straight or right-angle connections.
  • Solderless plugs connect to cable in seconds, creating custom lengths easily.
  • Low capacitance cable design transmits full harmonic detail with transparency.
  • Plug X 10pcs Cable X 3m

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