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IVU Creator

Oxblood 5W Tube Amplifier (GTA-5)

Oxblood 5W Tube Amplifier (GTA-5)

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Tribute to the legendary Tweed Champ.

IVU Creator Oxblood

Oxblood is a tribute to the original Tweed Champ 5F1 (5watts). It is a simple SMALL LOUD AMP with tube spirit. The Tweed-covered Champ amp of the 1950s is well known as the small-but-mighty tone machine that belongs in every serious guitarist’s collection. It’s a terrific practice amp, simple and pure, and is also regarded by countless pro players as indispensable in the recording studio.

The IVU Creator Oxblood continues that glorious legacy, with all-tube hand-wired circuitry and well-selected components. It features the classic 5F1 design with Tone control modification, delivering about 5 watts of output power easily pushed into warm, compressed distortion. A Celestion® Eight 15 8” speaker is ideal for the bedroom or the stage. “Orange Drop” tone capacitors add subtly nuanced tonal magic. It comes with custom transformers, “chicken-head” volume and tone controls, a well-quilted cabinet, lacquered TWEED covering ( RED or WHITE ) . . . and more. The result is a richly rewarding Champ amplifier experience !

Oxblood features an AC power switch (115V / 230V) to fit the power requirements of traveling musicians and offers the ultimate dream: a pedal-friendly amplifier.


The Eight 15 is ideal for upgrading your bedroom blaster with an authentic British tone. Well-balanced mids and highs complement a surprisingly meaty bottom end - it’s just about the biggest-sounding 8-inch loudspeaker we’ve ever heard! The Eight 15 speaker is available in four, making it ready, willing, and able to blast new life into junior combos like 
 Fender® ChampTM, bringing extra depth, girth, and punch to your tone. Supersize the performance of your amp with the sonic might of the Eight 15, the fattest-sounding 8-inch
speaker around.


Control Panel


INPUT: Plug the instrument in here. Full-sensitivity input for use with most guitars.
VOLUME: Adjusts the volume level for the input.
TONE: Adjusts treble level for the input.
POWER JEWEL: Illuminates while the amplifier is on.
POWER SWITCH: Turns the amplifier on and off.


Chassis Rear View

RECTIFIER TUBE: Single 6Z4 rectifier tube converts AC voltage from the amplifier’s power transformer into DC voltage required by the power (6V6) and preamp (12AX7) tubes. It should be replaced only with an identical rectifier tube or one with a comparable rating and quality.
POWER TUBE: Single 6V6 power tube drives the power section of the amplifier. It should be replaced only with an identical power tube or one with a comparable rating and quality.
PREAMP TUBE: Single 12AX7 preamp tube drives the preamp section of the amplifier. It should be replaced only with an identical preamp tube or one with a comparable rating and quality.



MODEL: Oxblood
POWER: Requirements: 60 watts , Output: 5 watts
SPEAKER: One 8” Celestion Eight 15
TUBES: One 6Z4(rectifier) , One 6V6(power) , One 12AX7(preamp)
DIMENSIONS: Width 34.3cm (13.5”) x Depth 19cm(7.5”) x High 33cm(13”)
WEIGHT: 8.5 kg (18lb)

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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